Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Told You So!

MAN, I really wish I could have written this a couple of weeks ago. I would have sounded like I knew something.

It is amazing that a player, even as Hall of Fame-worthy that Brett Favre is, commands this much attention from ESPN and the media about his retirement. The fuckers fall for it every year without fail.

Welcome again to FavreWatch 2010: A Sequel to FavreWatch 2009: A Sequal to FavreWatch 2008: A...you get the idea. (Hey didn't we just do this last year? Yep!)

What they all seem to fail to realize is that, while I'm sure Brett was contemplating retirement, the man just hates training camp. He has done this definitely now for the last four years now, and possibly for another year or two before that. He has either hinted towards retirement and was taking time to think about it or had retired and then kept teams in check while he was "making his decision" to come back. Ironically, he always makes that decision either as training camp is coming to a close or at least after the teams are done with the two-a-day practices. Personally, I wouldn't want to do all of those practices either.

As the leader of the team, he really cannot come out and say that he does not want to or will not practices during training camp, so he either hints about retiring or coming out of retirement and ESPN send someone down to Mississippi to camp out. We are forced to a seemingly never-ending stream of Favre updates. The sad part is, I can't tell if fans are really that into wanting to know or ESPN has gotten so big and dumb that this is what they think we want to see. Either way, it is bad for the rest of us.

Yesterday, we were regaled with an OJ Simpson-like cruise from the airport to the Vikings facility with media following him every step of the way. Oh for fucks sake, people! If you really believed all of this shit that the man was in such deep contemplation about retirement and had to have teammates fly down to talk him back from the ledge, then I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona for you!

As Brett was quoted as to wavering about playing again this year as training camp rolled around I would have told you right then and there that he would hold out on his announcement of playing this season until the time that training camp would be coming to a close. It is not like I am a Nostradamus about this (more like Nostradumbass) but there is precedent here. And not just once, this in now the fourth time he has done this!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the media falls for it every single fucking time!!!!! I would laugh, but it is just too sad. Which takes me back to the question of is this what people want or what the media thinks we want. I'm all for wanting more information on topics I enjoy, but I really do not think that we need to devote so much time to individuals like Tiger during the adultery scandal, or Lebron during the "Decision" or Brett for his "will I or won't I" drama. Do I want to know if he is playing or retiring? Yes, that I do have an interest in that. Yet I do not need to have a "Favre Watch" to give me a minute-by-minute detail that no one knows anything or watch some smuck in Mississippi giving me his opinion on what Favre is going to do.

I'll tell you now - he will play again this year! And assuming that he has a decent year again and is not in too bad of shape, we will be doing the same fucking this time again next year!!! GAAAAAAAAAAH!

..."Welcome to FavreWatch 2020: A Sequel to..." You just wait and see!

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