Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh My God! Did That Suck!

No, I'm not talking about our inability to post. Yes, it sucks that we have not posted...anything...for over two months. But amazingly we found something that sucks even more than we do.

I know it is the preseason, but I think Curtis Painter is giving Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell a run for their money in the suck factor category. Yes, Painter was only a 6th round draft pick while the other two were the #1 or #2 picks overall. However, in the two games to end the regular season last year and last weekend's preseason game, Painter has amassed the following incredible statistics:

Attempts: 47
Completions: 17
Passing Yards: 147
Touchdowns: 0
Interceptions: 5
Fumbles Lost: 3
Fumbles Lost: 2
Sacked: 4 times

That works out to an incredible 5.7 NFL passer rating. Yes, that is correct. A whopping 5.7 rating.

Thankfully, I have not watched most of the games that Painter has played in. Sadly, Slut and Kringlebert have had that luxury of watching the debacles in person. I wonder if Polian is kicking himself yet for letting Jim Sorgi go?

However, I'm not totally ready to throw Painter under the bus or out of the Colts' facility quite yet.

It is true that his performance has caused many writers to start creating new words due to how bad it has been in addition to the fact his call duty was the announcement to all Colts fans that they were giving up on a perfect season last year. We have yet to really see Curtis play with the #1 starters to know if things are really as bad as they seem.

When the Colts pulled Peyton and most of the starters last year to rest for the playoffs, poor Curtis got to throw and hand off to the scrub team. Curtis did not have Reggie and Pierre and Austin and Dallas to throw too. Curtis did not have Joe and Donald to hand off to with the starting O-line to create holes. Meanwhile, the Jets and Bills had their starters playing.

The same is mostly true in the recent preseason game. Curtis comes in and Peyton, Reggie and most of the starters head to the bench again. Granted, he was playing against the Niners scrubs but until he plays with the normal receivers and backs, we cannot really know for sure if he can be a passable choice at QB or if we need to start calling Gus Frerotte or heaven forbid even Jeff George to come out of retirement to be the Colts QB.

Wouldn't that be a hoot to have Wonderbeard back on the Colts? Fuck no, who am I kidding!

I know that Polian will has said Painter is and will be the Colts backup QB, but I'm wondering if he has any QBs in waiting on speed dial just in case?

At least the best time of the year is around the corner. The start of the football season and rounding the final turn on the baseball regular season. Fantasy football (my 19th year), Pigskin Pick 'em, rooting for the Cardinals, watching the Cubs fade, rooting against the Yankees...ahhhhhhh, yes, this is a good time of year.

OK, see everyone in another couple of months!

Hopefully not, but no guarantees with this group.

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