Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Milestone

Can you really believe it has been two years since we made our first post on Really!

Two years ago, Slut made the first post on our site and off we went. Thanks to all of our loyal fans (we hope there are more than one of you out there). While we created this site just for us to have some fun, we hope we have been able to entertain you as much as we have each other.

We know we have been off more than on the past few months, but we definitely have not forgotten about it and do try and post when we can...well at least a few of us do.

In addition to our two year anniversary, this is also our 250th post! So raise a glass in toast to those of us at if you get the chance today, or just get toasted, your call.

From our basements, we appreciate your taking the time to read our posts and we hope there are many more years of posts to come.



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