Monday, April 5, 2010 2009 NFL Season Picks

I just realized that we never posted the results of our NFL Prognostication Pool from last season. Oh, well, better late than never.

Like many sports sites, we like to think we have the prognostication powers of Nostradamus when it comes to picking how teams will finish the season, who will make the playoffs and who will win the Super Bowl. For the past four years, many of us at have stretched our powers of prognostication and we've determined that we are closer to Nostradumbass than Nostradamus.

We would like to congratulate Kringlebert on his runaway victory and wrenching the tropy from Slut, winner of the previous two years. Kringlebert finished with 80 points (out of a possible 160), with Zinglebert (64 pts), O'Hoolix (59 pts) and Slut (53 pts) left in his dust. Kringlebert correctly picked the finishing positions for 21 of the 32 teams in addition to picking more of the playoff games than the rest of us. It did not hurt that most off us had the Indianapolis Colts and New York Giants in the Super Bowl as well.

Congrats to Kringlebert who enjoys watching us from the sidelines, but can't seem to step to the plate and actually write something. Come on, Kringlebert! All of our readers, Slut and I are anxiously waiting for you to post something...ANYTHING at this point. Don't be afraid. We don't bite. (Not sure about some of our readers though.) NFL Pool Champions
2009 - Kringlebert Fishtybuns
2008 - Slut Bunwalla
2007 - Slut Bunwalla
2006 - Zinglebert Bembledack


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