Monday, April 5, 2010

Ohhh, That Pesky Joe Morgan

Yes! THE season has started. As much as I love the NFL and the Indianapolis Colts, my heart still can't wait until baseball season starts. And it started last night!

Of course, ESPN HAS to start the season with Sunday Night Baseball. And if you have Sunday Night Baseball, then that means you get...Joe Morgan. Love him or hate him (We love Joe the baseball player. We hate Joe the baseball commentator.) he is at least good for giving us loads of sounds bytes or Joe Chat quips.

Thankfully, Joe did not waste any time in providing some quality material on opening night.

Jorge Posada hit a second-inning home run off the Pesky Pole. John Miller started to tell the story about Johnny Pesky and why the pole is named after him and his "warning track power."

Miller: Most of the time when Pesky hit the ball for a home run it went off the foul pole, hence the naming of the Pesky Pole.
Morgan: I think they used to call it the Pesky Pole didn't they?
Miller: *pause* They still do.
Morgan: Oh.

Ahhhh, thanks, Joe. It is good to see you are already in mid-season form.

COMING SOON: Once again Slut and I will don our prognostication caps and show that we know just as little as all of the pundits when it comes to picking how the teams will finish and who will win the World Series. FYI - Slut was correct in last year's pick of the Yankees and we both had the Yankees and Angels in the ALCS. We were just way off when it came to the NL. Cubs in the World Series...what the fuck was I thinking...

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