Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is Mrs. Bembledack Pushing My Buttons?

Yes, we're back now. We apologize for being off the Interweb-thingy for a bit as we were forced by Blogger to do some migrating and did not go as smoothly as they said it should have. So basically they lied to us.

So, I get home the other night and Mrs. Bembledack had done some shopping at some garage sales and was showing off her finds. She was proud to show me she had found a Cardinals t-shirt for our oldest daughter, Hortencia. Being a Cardinals fan, I was also ecstatic that Hortencia was equally proud to be the new owner of a Cardinals t-shirt and announced she wanted to go to a Cardinals game.

So I will soon have the pleasure of describing the game of baseball to my daughter in the hopes she will develop an interest in the game and a future buddy for discussions of America's favorite past time. Trying to explain why a runner has to run, "because he must," could be a bit challenging in the beginning, but I think she will be able to get it.

Imagine to my shock and horror when Mrs. Bembledack turns the shirt around and I see whose name and number are on the back...

Eckstein...David Eckstein! No, not Albert Pujols or Mark McGwire or Jim Edmonds or Ozzie Smith, but David Fucking Eckstein. Does Mrs. Bembledack not know of my current vendetta regarding David Eckstein and the playoffs? Does she not understand how we at feel about David Eckstein? Well, that is evidently a big fat "NO".


I cannot create a big enough THUD in print here to emphasize my head hitting the computer desk over this incident. I guess I will have to try and figure out what I have done to displease the baseball gods or what karma injustice I have committed to have this happen to me. It must be because I am behind on my Joe Chat entries. Yeah, that must be it! OK, folks. Be prepared for a Joe Chat blitz!
Or else I will need to find a live chicken...

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