Friday, October 23, 2009

NFL Week 7

Week 1: 6-5
Week 2: 7-3
Week 3: 3-4
Week 4: 2-4
Week 5: 5-4
Week 6: 3-4
Total: 26-24

O'Hoolix did not count the Titans/Pats wager or the add on game they were a wash. This is a great season this year and O'Hoolix is on the cusp of making a run in the NFL. The furry space alien hopes you are with me on the same side and are ready to CA$H in!

CHARGERS -5: I like the struggling Chargers here because I think they can put up enough points to cover here. The Chargers are hurting but the can score and KC wont be able to keep up: Chargers 28-17.

VIKINGS +6: Everyone is on the Steelers here, thats why O'Hoolix like the Vikes. There is big inside money on the Steelers here, but I think the Vikes can stay with Big Ben and the Steelers. Betting against FAVRE this year is hazardous to your wallet, the trend continues here.

VIKES/STEELERS ovr 45.5: Vikes don't have good pass D, but they can put up some points and the Steelers don't have the D they used to.

RAIDERS +6.5: The Jets are struggling with a rookie QB and the Raiders of all teams look to have a pulse. Take the balck and silver jumpsuits!

PANTHERS -7: No, O'Hoolix is not on drugs! Yes he is laying 7 with the Panthers! The Bills still are weak, O'Hoolix watched their win against the Jets and know they were the beneficiary of 5 Sanchez picks and still barely won the game. They gave up over 200yds on the ground and guess what Carolina does well........

BEARS +3: 2x unit bet! The Bears are a decent team and Cincy is too, but I like the Bears getting a field goal. The Bears should have won against the Falcons, but really gave it away.

FALCONS +4: I will not lay points with the Cowboys. Looks like Jerry forgot to build a team to go along with the 1Billion $ stadium.

GIATNS/CARDINALS ovr 46.5: I look for these offenses to get on track here and have a mini shoot out. 28-24 Giants.

COLTS/RAMS ovr 45: The COLTS should score 31-39 points here, the RAMS should add about 14-20, COLTS 38-17.



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