Friday, August 14, 2009

No, We Haven't Forgotten About You

Don't put out a Missing Persons APB out on us yet. We really are still around, but unfortunately we have been distracted away from our duties here as most of us are "Working for a Livin'." Slut & I need to start beating up Kringlebert & Oswald to start actually writing something...anything at this point! O'Hoolix is away at a secret mascot training center with a batch of new recruits and has not had access to a computer, so we will excuse him until he gets back. So the rest of you get off your damn asses and do something for once!

Most of the LomHenn crew are fans of Huey Lewis & The News as we all grew up in the 80's and have been to several concerts through the years. (Wheeeeeeeee! - That's for you Kringlebert.) However, I have to say that the picture below is not the kind of duet I ever expected out of Huey.

Yes, that is Chris Berman singing up on stage with Huey during the song "Walking on a Thin Line." I can't imagine why Huey chose to bring him up on stage, but evidently this is not the first time it has happened. Those of us at LomHenn would have preferred "Bad Is Bad" believe it is a more apt song title for Chris Berman to sing because generally we feel anything out of Berman's mouth is pretty bad! And if this is it, then I really will want a new drug and need a couple days off.

A shout out to for jumping on this one.

Maybe we can go "Back in Time" and go to "Plan B" to keep this from happening...I know, enough of the damn HLN references already.

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Blogger Kringlebert Fishtybuns said...

Can there really be too many HLN references? I think not!

September 28, 2009 at 9:16 PM  

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