Thursday, September 10, 2009

NFL Week 1

Hello all, I'm back, much to the chagrin of many (or any) readers of this blog. O'Hoolix is back for the 2009 NFL season to fatten your slender wallets. Before I post on thursday's game, I have one observation. Stay tuned for weekly picks.

Why is Rick Patino still coaching Louisville? O'Hoolix was stunned with the revelations about the coach. Not only that he had an affair in a place that serves food.....YUCK(O'hoolix would bring a black light if he ever went there)but the following scandal involving blackmail and the allegation that he funded an abortion. How can Mr. Pitino or the university go on like business as usual? Pitino should have stepped down or the university should have fired him plain and simple. This isn't calling a recruit one too many times, this is a scandal that has brought shame to Mr. Pitino, his family and the University of Louisville. When O'Hoolix is King punishment will be swift, just and carried out far from hippies!

PITTSBURGH -6.5: O'Hoolix liked this pick better at -5.0 or 5.5, but it has risen to 6.5. The furry alien thinks that Pittsburgh with all its offensive starters returning will be too much for he Titans. Kerry Collins is coming off of a good year, but I see a down year for him. I don't think they will run the ball against the Steelers and Collins probably won't be effective in the air. Look for the Steelers to score enough on offense to win and cover. Pitt 24 Tenn 10.

Sundays Picks:

Miami +4
Jets +4.5
Minn -4
SF +6
IND -6.5
DAL -5.5
SD -9.5
WAS +6.5
NE/BUF ovr 47.5 (NEW)

Good Luck All!


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