Saturday, October 3, 2009

NFL Week 4

Week 1: 6-5
Week 2: 7-3
Week 3: 3-4
Total: 16-12

Week 3 at 3-4 was tough for the best alien football spread expert in the galaxy. O'Hoolix was way off on Tampa and underestimated how BAD they are, ouch! Houston proved they have a dual personality. But at the bottom of the card, O'Hoolix pulled through with 3 late game wins. On to week 4 picks where O'Hoolix hopes to cash in on his very serious alien picks. For my best customers the Harvest Moon Play of the Year is available for a mere $99.00! Call 1-900-VULCANWOOKIE.

TITANS -3: Jax played well last week and Tenn didn't get it done again, but the Titans are the better team here. Jax will provide little to no home field advantage and the Titans are too good to go 0-4.

COLTS/HAWKS ovr 44: Colts should be able to score here with loads of injuries on Seattle. The Hawks should be able to get 15-20 points as well, with the colts injury situation on D. I see a 30-20 or 34-17 type game here.

RAVENS/PATRIOTS ovr 44.5: The Pats will try and throw the ball here against the Ravens they won't be able to run it enough against the tough ravens D. The Ravens will be able to put points up against the Pats D. 30-25 Ravens.

COWBOYS -3: I would consider buying the hook here to make it -2 1/2. Denver is playing very well, but I think Dallas will be primed for this one. Dallas has a huge O-line and will be able to push around the D-line of Denver, which should open up the passing game for Romo. 23-14 Dallas.

BUFFALO PK: The Bills aren't good, but either are the Dolphins. I think the Bills have a better D and if they can get the ball to Owens they should win. Marshawn Lynch will be back for the Bills, maybe this will help their anemic offense.

BENGALS -5.5: Cleveland sucks and they are sinking faster than a lead turd in a punch bowl. The Bengals are off a huge win against the Steelers and look to add to their confidence. Palmer should have a field day against the Browns. 24-10.

Good Luck!


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