Friday, September 18, 2009

NFL Week 2

O'hoolix will be posting analysis and selections for week 2 Friday evening or Saturday afternoon.

I first wanted to say a big posthumous thank you to Mel Simon who passed earlier this week. Indy sports fans(in fact the whole city) owes a huge debt of gratitude to the Simon's, specifically Mel who came to Indy first. If it were not for the Simon's buying the team in 1977 the Indianapolis as you know it would not exist. The thinking to revive Indy during that time was to create a vibrant downtown. This was no simple feat when industry was drying up and the economy was in big jeopardy. The Simon's helped keep the Pacer's franchise in Indy, thereby keeping in place a main cog in the big league status potential of Indianapolis. The rest is history. O'hoolix suggests you toast Mel the next time you: walk by Conseco Fieldhouse, go to a Colts game or eat in a nice restaurant downtown or a myriad of other things. All of these were in part due to Mel and Herb Simon's commitment to Indianapolis, how lucky we are!

Week 1: 6-5

Week 2 Picks: People pay much more money to touts to score worse records than 6-5. O'Hoolix is ready to go for week 2 and hopes you are ready to fire away.

RAIDERS +3: Raiders look improved they should be able to score on KC defense. They would have put up a few more points if its weren't for an overturned TD.
TITANS +7: Somebody is going 0-2, I'll bet its going to be Texas. The Texas gave up over 450 yards at home to the Jets last week, I like the Tenn defense better. 21-10.
JETS +4: I really would like this at 4.5 or 5.5, but +4 is decent. The JETS d is good and NE's isn't. The PATS seem a bit overrated in this spot and they will have a rowdy home advantage here.
SAINTS PK:2x Unit bet! Ok, O'Hoolix really likes this one. The Saints have the best O in the league and will show it on Sunday. Without McNabb, Philly's offence will not be its best and they will need every point just to stay close. Philly was a recipient of 7, yes I said 7 Carolina turnovers last week, not this time.
PANTHERS +6.5: If you can get 7 points here even better. Everyone is crushing Delhomme, I hope he destroys the Hawks. O'Hoolix loathes modern societies lack of loyalty and quickness to jump ship, activate Space Monkey's. The Hawks beat a crappy Dolphins team who had 3 fumbles and 1 interception.24-21 Carolina.
BROWNS +3: I don't like the Browns this year, but Denver has to prove to me they can lay points with anyone. Yes, they had a decent performance last week, but I am interested in seeing them as a favorite.
RAVENS +3: Baltimore racked up over 500 yds in offense last week. They should be able to put enough up on SD to win outright. They had a blocked punt for a TD and a pick to their own 6 to make the score closer last week, their D actually played well. The Ravens D should hold Rivers in check enough here.
BILLS/TB OVR 42: Both of their offenses put up decent numbers last week against top tier teams. Both of their defenses gave up a shit load of yards as well, O'Hoolix likes the recipe for an over here.

COLTS -3: -3 is a safe bet here. The Colts are the better team and have the better offense for sure. The fish have two rookie corners who will have a long night against Reggie Wayne's return to Miami and the Colts D. should be able to get a few
turnovers off of Miami.


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