Saturday, October 10, 2009

NFL Week 5

Week 1: 6-5
Week 2: 7-3
Week 3: 3-4
Week 4: 2-4
Total: 18-16

O'Hoolix suffered his second consecutive losing week bringing the NFL total to 18-16. This week your favorite space alien looks to right the ship and bring more cash to your pocket! On to the winners.

EAGLES -15: The Bucs stink and Andy Ried likes to pour it on. I would be suprised if TB scores more than 10 points here. The Bucs QB will be running for his life. Eagles 34-10.

PATRIOTS -3: 2x unit bet. O'Hoolix usually doesn't like to increase his bets until his bankroll permits, but I really like the Pats in this spot. They should be able to run on the Broncos here which will really open up the passing game. The Broncos were lucky to beat Dallas and NE is in another pay grade compared to the Cowboys. If you can get -3, do it now.

STEELERS -10.5: If Stafford is out the turnover machine (Culpepper) will be in. Look for the Steelers to get their rushing game on track, which well make it easy pickings for Big Ben. Culpepper or Stafford will be in the MASH ward after this game. Steelers 38-17.

STEELERS/LIONS ovr 44: I think the Steelers have a chance to make the over themselves here, but they should get some help from the lions. The Pitt D should score at least once as well.

BROWNS -6: Never thought I would recommend the Browns but I do like them this weekend. The got rid of Edwards, which should help their clubhouse. The Bills right now shouldn't lay 6 to those pencil neck geeks at Harvard let alone a NFL team. Anderson will give the Browns a lift here and keep it close. Browns 20-17.

COLTS -4: The first half will be close, but after that the Colts will take over. Peyton and Co. have too much O for the Titans. If Jax puts up 37 on them, the Colts may get 50! Colts 31-14

FALCONS +2.5: Sigletary has the 49'ers playing kick ass ball. The Falcons will be the first real test for the 49'ers. Matt Ryan and Co should be able to get enough points to hang on Hawks 17-14, to be safe you might consider buying the 1/2 to make it +3.

RAVENS/BENGALS ovr 42: The improved Ravens offense looks to put points on the board here. The Bengals D is improved but I look for them to give up at least 25-30points here. The Bengals will be able to move the ball in the air and get between 20-24 points. Ravens 30-21.

Good Luck!


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