Saturday, April 18, 2009

O'Hoolix's Observations

Let me just say that O'Hoolix loves curses on sports teams, especially ones with animals involved. Zinglebert so eloquently depicted in his previous blog regarding the curse of the goat. Anyone who would bring an animal to a game instead of eating the animal is a fool in my book. O'Hoolix likes the Cubs and Cubs fans (most of them), BUT they need to get over the damn curse already.

Okay we are now officially in NFL pre-draft overload. I hear the Dalai Lama has a mock draft special coming out. People who make a living doing mock drafts are one step above palm readers, dime-store psychics and end of the world types. They should receive one lashing for every stupid comment about a prospect who doesn't pan out.

Okay, since when the hell is a PIRATE/TERRORIST/ENEMY COMBATANT labeled just as a common criminal? Our government is so PC now they are trying to be overly euphemistic by disallowing the term PIRATES/TERRORISTS/ENEMY COMBATANTS to be used. I think they will now label them "Unfortunate Victims of the Man who happen to Allegedly be Supposedly involved in a Minor Law Violation." Spare O'Hoolix the CRAP! I can't wait to see the circus when we bring the Terrorist/Pirate to New York for trial. By the time the PC lawyer he gets is done, the media will be telling us we should feel bad. His lawyer will state: we should allow pirating to continue, by the way pay him $1 million for his trouble/lawyer fees.

Next thing you know we will have no cool team nickname's with bad-ass Indian terms or phrases.....oh wait, we are already there. My mascot friend chief Illiniwek called me, voiced his most honored opinion on this subject and is pissed he is now out of a job, you may blame the economy, I blame the politically correct.

No picks for this weekend. Stay tuned for O'Hoolix NBA Playoff picks.

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