Sunday, April 5, 2009

Subtraction By Addition

Figuring that they didn't have enough idiocy on Sunday Night Baseball, ESPN decided to add Steve Phillips to the lineup of Jon Miller and the award-winning (!) Joe Morgan. Phillips is a former baseball general manager, and let's just say that having him analyze baseball is like having someone from AIG handle your 401k account.

So, on tonight's opening night broadcast of the Braves/Phillies:

Phillips (commenting on Brian McCann hitting cleanup for the Braves): "The fact that he's hitting 4th tells you something about their lineup. The Braves don't have an aircraft carrier--that big power hitter in the middle of their lineup. They don't have that guy--they will try to beat you with length and breadth of their lineup--no big home run hitter, but a bunch of guys with moderate power."

Literally a second after Phillips finished the sentence, McCann launched an upper-deck home run. Priceless.

I have a feeling this kind of thing will happen a lot this season.


2nd inning: Phillips describing how excited the Braves' Jeff Francoeur was about the start of the season:

"He was so excited, he almost swallowed his earlobes."

Yep, we've got 6 months of this to look forward to.

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