Monday, April 13, 2009

Curses? We Don't Need No Stinking Curses!

Whether or not you believe in curses, I found this story rather amusing.

Dead goat found hanging on Wrigley Harry Caray statue

This is the second time since 2007 that someone has hung a dead goat off of Harry Caray's statue. For those of you who are clueless to the story...

On Oct. 6, 1945, the Billy Goat Curse was cast upon the Cubs when tavern owner Billy Sianis bought a box seat for his goat, Murphy, for Game 4 of the World Series at Wrigley Field to help promote his establishment. When he was ordered to remove the goat, he claimed to place a curse on the team that would prevent it from ever hosting another World Series at Wrigley Field.

The Cubs were up two games to one before losing that day 4-1 and went on to lose the series four games to three. And obviously, they have not been back to the World Series since.

Now whether or not you actually believe in the curse, and personally, I do not, I don't think hanging a dead goat on Harry Caray or on anything else around Wrigley Field would actually end said curse. Although, hanging a holy swiss-cheesed cow on Harry Caray, now that would be funny!

However, I am amazed that the Cubs have not addressed the matter of the goat previously. Even if the Cubs are STILL trying to distance themselves from the whole goat-banning issue, I think it would be a tremendous publicity stunt to bring in a goat and make him a celebrity for the day. Considering all that has happened to them since 1945 (losing in the '84 NLCS to Whale's Vagina when up two games to none, the whole Bartman fiasco, not winning a single fucking game that past two post-seasons, etc.) I don't think it would hurt the Cubs. And considering the number of fans that probably DO believe in the Curse of the Goat, you are only getting the fans behind the team even more. At this point, what have you got to lose!

Or go one step beyond, invite a goat, treat it like a celebrity, then kill it after the game and eat it. I know, Dude...weak!

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