Friday, April 10, 2009

Yeah...."What I said"

O'Hoolix is still a bit perplexed by his 0-2 finish to the CBB season rounding out at 24-16-1. O'Hoolix's knows that Tom Izzo has forgotten more about basketball than the furry space alien picking point spreads.......BUT Coach Izzo should have read my post before the game.

Sparty had ZERO chance trying to run with Carloina. Didn't State coaches watch the game prior to their game with UCONN???? Anyone could have deducted not to run with Carolina and yet that was the exact tactic State tried in the championship game! I mean, after the first two minutes of the championship game, State should have immediately called one or two timeouts to settle their players. Also, the coaching staff should have told them to work the shot clock on every possession and limit the touches UNC had. Sparty continued to run and got run right off the court. Next time, all coaches should log on to and check advice from O'Hoolix!

O'Hoolix wonders when the Government is going to regulate sports player's salaries and it around the corner???

Look out Tiger Woods is back, John Daly and Phil Mickelson are still fat and that spells another Green Jacket for Woods.

If O'Hoolix is a seafarer on the high seas near Somalia, he is loading his rig down with: AT-4's, .40mm grenade launchers, .50 cal machine guns, clubs, knives, shotguns, hand-held Death Blossoms and anything else he can get his hands on.

Happy Easter weekend!

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