Monday, April 6, 2009

1-4 isn't bad if your name is Mendoza

Okay Okay O'Hoolix knows he was 1-4 on Saturday which may be good for a utility baseball player, but for O'Hoolix it is horrrrrriblllleeeee( insert Bill Walton voice here)! I knew I was in for a tough night when after predicting a big fat under in the Sparty/UCONN game, Clark Kellogg said that when he spoke to Coach Tom Izzo before the game he stated the Spartans were going to try and run the Huskies off the floor. Well, you know the rest of the story. UCONN also cost O'Hoolix a cover by getting pummeled in the 2nd half. The better and stronger team won. Villanova was outplayed, but they chucked just enough bricks for O'Hoolix to get an under. Just about the point total he predicted at 150 (actual was 152 total points).

Saturday 1-4
Tournament Record: 24-14-1

Now for O'Hoolix's last CBB picks of the year:

SPARTY +7.5: The public is on Carolina big time tonight and for good reason, they are good. Beware though State will have the home crowd and home calls, which I think benefited them on saturday. They will not be intimidated by NC, Sparty dominated inside against UCONN and the 7'3" center. Sparty was a beast on the boards and I look for more of the same tonight plus I think they have the deeper bench. Maybe Coach Izzo will listen to O'Hoolix and slow it down a bit to keep it close, which brings me to my next selection.

SPARTY/NC under 153.5: State can not play up tempo with Carolina, they will get crushed. Sparty's only chance is to slow it down and make it a half court game. O'Hoolix thinks they will.

Good Luck to all!

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