Friday, April 3, 2009

Upon further review and Saturday's picks

It's almost as good as finding a $20 bill in the laundry or a bank error in your favor, but those never happen. Alas, there has been an accounting error in our favor and upon further review O'Hoolix is credited with another pick in the win column. O'Hoolix was only credited for 2 wins on day three picks, when the record clearly shows it should have been 3-1 for the day. With last Sunday's picks the furry space alien is now 23-10-1.

Anyway you slice it the Alex Logan of tout's is hot. Sometimes when I am walking down the street all I want to hear is: "there goes the best furry space alien sports gaming tout ever". Anyways, usually people just say I look like a bulked up Alf. Alf?? what an insult, O'Hoolix is much better looking than Alf and my jokes surely are much better.

Okay now for the nitty gritty! You want winners, Alf wants winners, O'Hoolix wants em and so does Nipsey Russell.

UCONN -4: Yes it is a home game for the Spartans, but I think UCONN is as cool as a cucumber and the big man in the middle will make the difference.

UCONN/MICH ST. under 133.5: Sparty does not want UCONN to run and must make it a slow down game.

VILLANOVA +7: Nova is a team of destiny. Carolina is tough, but the Wildcats should keep it close.

NOVA/UNC under 158.5: 158.5 is a ton of points here, and if NOVA plays D, it will go under and should be close, O'Hoolix thinks around 150 total.

BONUS PICK: NOVA M/L +285: Good value here, I think the books are thinking no way for Villanova, but destiny might be on their side!


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