Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mr. Grit Heading for the Coast?

Our favorite gritty player is back in the news!

Padres target IF Eckstein

The Padres have shown an interest in free agent SS Mr. McGritty, David Eckstein. I guess they are floored by his .351 OBP. Or maybe it is his .349 slugging. Or the fact they are hoping to get him dirt cheap and he wants to stay in the Majors.

Is it a requirement of every article on David Eckstein to reference the fact he was on two World Series winning teams and/or the fact he was the World Series MVP in 2006? I'm not sure if I have ever seen an article on him in the past couple of years that does not mention at one of those points. Have you?

I am shocked that I did not see any mention of some kind of intangible that David possesses. David is not known for his power, speed or even height, yet, most writers seem to fixate on his intangibles - hustle, grit, sweat, amount of dirt on uniform, etc. He is obviously a good enough player to have made it to the big leagues. However, I wonder why some many team execs are so enamoured by a short, slow, white dude that plays average baseball at best?

I hope that David sticks around for a while longer, otherwise we will have to anoint a new Grit King of Baseball.

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