Saturday, January 3, 2009

How Does This Happen?

Here is a screen grab from Thursday night's Orange Bowl telecast on Fox. This comes from early in the game, during introductions of the University of Cincinnati's starting offense:

Notice the picture of Khalil El-Amin on the bottom-right (RT #79). Does he look familiar? If you follow college football, he might--or at least the picture does, since it's really a picture of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow!

And here is what Khalil El-Amin really looks like:

Fuck the heck??? I can see how a producer, graphics operator, or production assistant would get the two of them confused: Tim Tebow plays QB for the #2 team in college football and won the Heisman Trophy last year; Khalil El-Amin plays offensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bearcats. And they look a lot alike, too!

There aren't really a lot of good explanations for this one, other than some fucktard did it on purpose. I mean, if you're Fox, would you want to admit that your crew is that bad at game preparation and proofreading?

Of course, by now it's probably common knowledge, so admitting it would just be redundant.

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