Monday, January 12, 2009

MLB Network Is On the Air


Yes, for those of us who cannot get enough baseball, Major League Baseball has it's own network now! The MLB Network was launched on January 1st and while baseball season is still a couple of months away, we can at least have a few tidbits to tide us over until then.

At this point, the programming is still in it's infant stage. The first week we were presented with mostly the 2008 playoffs and World Series. However, last week they started expanding the programming and offering the types of programs I can get into, or at least Tivo.

MLB Network has been showing recaps of old World Series, seasons in review and even Ken Burns' Baseball anthology. Being a St. Louis Cardinals fan, I definitely enjoyed watching the 1946 World Series against the Boston Red Sox.

I am still holding some reservations to see their offerings during spring training and the regular season and how their analysts are, but I am stoked about having a network dedicated to my favorite sport. Mrs. Bembledack, however, is not so thrilled and is still perplexed as to why teams have to play each other so much and why they play some teams more than others.


Because they must!

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