Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hey, Murray, Puck You!

Murray Chass is getting an early start for a run at the 2009 FotY. Murray is appalled that they played a sport other than baseball at the "Friendly Confines" of Wrigley Field. No way! How could they do something like that to a sporting venue?

(NOTE: this segment is at the end of the full article. While I have issues with most of the entire article, this part was the most offensive to me.)

NHL Ices Cubs for 100 More Years

Nice, a shitty title for a shitty article.

The National Hockey League has desecrated one of America’s great cathedrals. It installed an ice rink at Wrigley Field and played a hockey game there last week. Just the thought of it is painful.

Umm, Murray, you do realize that they have played other sports at Wrigley Field, right? I know you are a Red Sox fanatic and a baseball writer and might not be versed on topics outside of those two areas. Really, Murray, they played professional football AND soccer there. And is it so much of a shock to have a facility host an event other than for its primary function?

Can you believe it? A hockey game in the friendly confines? Ice within the ivy-covered walls? Violating the home of the lovable losers?

Well, it is not like it was 70 degrees outside and you were trying to play hockey? (Although, it would have been interesting if Chicago had had a winter "heat" wave and been in the 50's or 60's.) I think it was a smart move to be able to host something in the off-season. The game was the most watched NHL game in 34 years! And I read next year's game will be at the new Yankee Stadium. So are you going to bitch about that as well or is that OK since it is a brand new stadium?

Personally, I would have loved to have gone to that game. I like hockey (Go Blues!) and I think the atmosphere would have made for one hell of a game. The fact it WAS one hell of a game between two of the "Original Six" teams on the ice would have been the icing on the frozen cake.

They laid the rink right where Ernie Banks always wanted to play two, where in 1930 Hack Wilson produced 116 (according to Elias Sports Bureau) of the 191 runs he drove in, where Ryne Sandberg played virtually his entire Hall of Fame career, where Leo Durocher blew a division championship in 1969, the first year of division play, and in the process tossed me out of his clubhouse.

Let's not also forget:

  • Where the Chicago Bears played for 50 years and won eight of its nine championships.
  • Where George Halas coached and Bears' greats such as Dick Butkus, Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo played most or all of their careers.
  • And where the Chicago Sting played the other kind of football in the 80's - that 's soccer for you illiterates.

Based on available information, the N.H.L, didn’t even pay for the use of the field and thereby lighten the financial load of Wrigley’s bankrupt owners.

Generally, a league does not pay for the use of a venue. I'm not sure if the NHL "paid" for the use of the field, but I imagine Wrigley Field got to keep most or all of the concession revenue and that is likely to be pretty good sum of money for a sold-out event. I'm betting that either the Blackhawks had to give a portion of the ticket sales as a use fee or Wrigley Field got to keep a larger portion of the concession revenue. I don't think Wrigley hosted the event for free. The owners may be bankrupt, but they are not fucking idiots. But without seeing more details, that is just speculation on my part.

If the Cubs think they have been cursed in their inability to win the World Series for 100 years, wait ‘till they see what happens the next hundred years.

Murray, I don't think that hosting a non-baseball event is going to "curse" the Cubs anymore than they are already "cursed". Their inability to win a World Series is do to the fact they have not played well enough in the playoffs to go to the World Series. For all we know, the Cubs might turn out winning the most World Series in the 21st century...or they may have a 192 year drought streak by then. Either one is just as likely at this point.

Murray, you are such a fucktard on this one. I imagine you will have a brain aneurysm when they try and have this event at Fenway Park in the future.

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