Friday, October 15, 2010

NFL Week 6

Last Week: 4-4
Overall: 16-15-1

O'Hoolix is not a tout. I am a furry space alien giving you an average of 6-8 NFL picks per week for FREE!! The internet is chock full of touts charging incredible amounts for picks that if they are extremely talented might reach a 59% success rate. O'Hoolix last year was 74-74-3, which would have cost you some juice over the year and nothing more. O'Hoolix's goal is a whopping 60% this year, put that up against any prognisticator around.

Okay enough talk, more picks and analysis.

San Diego -7.5: I like the Charger's to be pissed off in this spot and the Rams are the perfect fodder for a San Diego beat down. Look for River's to get about 400yds here. Chargers 29-17.

Kansas City +4.5 Either KC is a fluke or Houston is a flop, we will find out in this game. I like KC's coaching staff plus their running game. Houston is teetering, if they lose this home game they will be in trouble. I'm not convinced that the Texans are that great under pressure.

Chiefs/Texans under 45: I Like a grind out game in this one.

Baltimore +3: I think the Pats are being given too much credit here, the Ravens have the better D, by far and the better running game. A good recipe to win or at least keep it close, besides Brady has no deep threat now.

Philly -2.5: Not sure why I like the Eagles so much in this spot, but I do. I think the Falcons on the road for the second straight week spells trouble. The Eagles were lucky to win last week, but I think they can score enough to cover the spread easily.

Seattle +6: Jay Cutler still has cobwebs is my guess and he may get more after this game. The Seahawks are awful on the road, but the Bears cannot pull away from anyone. Look for at least two Cutler interceptions and an improved Seahawk running game will make this a close one.

Giants/Lions over 44.5: O'Hoolix just figured out he likes this one. Manning and the Giants are playing well recently and the Lions have started to come on, despite the injuries, I think the Lions score enough to push the over Giants 34-20.

Miami +3:: Too many injuries for the Pack and Dolphins are pissed after the debacle on Monday night to the Pats. They should be able to run on the second string LB corps the Packers can offer up. The wildcat may see more action this game.

Denver +3: Denver.....yes Denver. I think the Jets are riding high and reading their press clipings. This might be a play for Denver's season. O'Hoolix sees some turnovers here for the normally turnoverless Jets. Revis might not play, helping Orton to attack the blitzing Jets.

Oakland +6.5: This is a momentum bet here on the Raiders. The 49'ers could get a tight collar if it is a close game late. Sometimes the ugly spectre of a winless streak rears its ugly head. The Raider nation is back alive again and this could spur a run for the Raiders, I look for this game to be decided on a field goal.

Colts -3: 2x Bet!!! Colts, not so great on the road this year, but Never....I repeat never, bet against Manning in a nationally televised game. The Colts should be able to outscore the Skins in this spot, look for a 24-17 game.

Good Luck All!


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