Friday, October 8, 2010

NFL Week 5

Last Week: 5-2
Overall: 12-11-1

Last week O'Hoolix and Mr. Bunwalla(Mr. B, B-Wizzle, Biggity B) hit the state of Nevada for some first hand sports betting action. The furry alien flew in by spaceship (despite a space police traffic stop of O'Hoolix's landspeeder in an asteroid field, Johnny Cochran has been retained) and nestled down in Vegas for some very serious gaming action by a very serious space alien. Obviously, O'Hoolix should do this more often because 5-2 isn't too shabby! A side note: Mr. Bunwalla cashed more than one parlay ticket as well!!

O'Hoolix doesn't normally travel with Mr. Bunwalla, but when he does they travel first class!

Okay enough of my boring trials and tribulations on to the winners:

Chicago +1.5: According to the NFL network on Sirius, four of the 10 or 11 sacks that Chicago incurred last week were with full protection (7men). That is the QB's or Martz's fault. Any amateur sports fan would know after like 5 sacks that maybe they should run the ball or revert to three step drops, poor coaching! Despite this O'Hoolix likes the Bears this weekend! Yes, take the Bears. The Panther's are starting three rookie receivers and Jimmy Clausen against the Bears impressive D. I look for the bears D to score more than the offense will. If I were the Bears I would utilize the quick kick on 3rd down exclusively due to my anemic offense. Todd Collins will be running for his life, despite that the Bears will win.

BEARS/PANTHERS under 33: See above.

Green Bay -2.5: Despite the injury to Nick Barnett the Packers should be able to put enough on the board to win here. Plus I think the Skins are coming off of an emotional win and might be in position for a letdown. 26-17 Packers.

Houston -3: Andre Johnson will play for Houston and should lite up the Giant secondary. Last week the Giants looked awful against a pathetic Bears effort. Houston at home should roll the Giants, look for a 7-10 point win here for the Texans.

Tennessee +7: Look for the Titans to pound the ball in an effort to get CJ back on track. I think the Titans are a better coached team and Dallas may come out flat here. I do think Dallas has a decent chance to win, but will be lucky to do so. 21-20 Dallas.

Oakland +6: Yes, the Raiders. I know....... call O'Hoolix crazy, but I think this is a good spot for the Raiders here. I would like 7 points, but will settle for 6. San Diego has been below par on the road to date and the Raider's can take advantage of San Diego's defense in this spot.

SD/OAKLAND und 44.5: Oakland must run the ball to control the clock plus the Charger's will look to establish the run.

San Franciso -3: At this time you must be thinking O'Hoolix has lost his mind: Chicago,Oakland and now the 49'ers???? Yes, football is all about match-ups and I think SF has the advantage here. They are playing for Singletary's coaching life and Gore will pound the rock against the Eagles porous D. O'Hoolix doesn't really like the QB situation in Philly, Kolb is good, but might be rusty!

Good luck this week!!!!


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