Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WFNI - Brainless Broadcasting

We all know that sports talk radio in general has its flaws. While there are diamonds in the rough on the radio dials, idiots that think they are experts proliferate the airwaves. In the past 24 hours I have heard a couple of whoppers that make me shake my head.

Last night on the Kravitz and Eddie Show on WFNI 1070AM, I heard this lovely tidbit from Eddie White:

"The only time you see sports on the front page is when there is bad news," regarding an article on the Indiana Pacers' statement they need help from the city to help pay the $15 million per year in facility costs of Conseco Fieldhouse.

Really, Eddie? They only put bad news on the front of the newspaper? What kind of fucktard are you?!?

I'm pretty sure that when the Colts won Super Bowl XL, that was on the front page of the Star. The front page of the Sunday edition of the Star after the Indiana Boys High School Basketball State Finals always has a story on the finals. The day after the Indianapolis 500 always has a picture of the winner on the front page.

It may seem that the front page only has bad news, but come on! Eddie, you've been hanging out with Bob to long and it is starting to rot what little brains you had left.

Then just a few minutes ago on the Tirico and Van Pelt Show again on WFNI, Mike Tirico dropped this shit-bomb of a comment on the Butler-Cleveland State game (paraphrasing):

"You know, I was watching the last two minutes of the game last night and I was thinking that Butler lost the game so that two teams would make the tournament and make more money for the conference."

Yes, Mike feels that Butler tanked on purpose since they are a lock to make the Big Dance and letting Cleveland State win give the Horizon League two teams in tournament and resulting in a large piece of the tournament revenue pie. While it is true that the Horizon League, Butler and Cleveland State will benefit financially since Cleveland State won, you have got to be fucking kidding me if you fucking think that Butler fucking threw in the towel so they could fucking get more fucking money out the deal!

You fucking fuckheaded fucktard!

Mike, I thought you sucked to begin with, but you have reached a new level of fucktardedness. You are not quite down to the level of Tony Kornheiser or Bud Selig, but you are close. The only reason I listen to you is because I hate the shows on the other two shows in your time slot more than yours (and shit like this that I can post here).

So basically WFNI and ESPN Radio are staffed by idiots, but then we already knew that didn't we.

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