Friday, February 27, 2009

Murray, Welcome to the Internet Age

Hey, Murray Chass! I know you are an aging sports writer who, supposedly, writes a blog. No, wait, Murray doesn't like blogs. He writes online articles. Crappy, online articles at that.

Murray's latest whine? He is saddened that Major League Baseball is no longer printing the Green and Red Books that detail information on each club - team records, finishes, managers, executives, statistics, etc. There is one book for the AL (Green) and one for the NL (Red). MLB has printed these for 70+ years.

Now, before you jump on the Murray bandwagon and light your torches or grab your pitch forks to march on the MLB offices, let's make one thing clear. Yes, the MLB is no longer printing these books. However, for the first time, the books will only be available online.

The books do include a vast amount of information that new and old writers should access for writing various articles. MLB and the teams have determined that there was just not enough interest for the amount of expense to print and mail the books every year when most of the information is duplicated every year. In this age of the Internet and companies going green, I can understand why this decision was made. Murray! If you can supposedly write an online article, I don't see why you cannot easily get this information.

I love how he bemoans in his article how woeful it is he will no longer have his printed copies. It is not like you have to access the Internet every time you want to access the information. You log on and download the information once! If you really want a printed copy - then print the fucking things off you lazy fucktard! Are you pissed because it will not be in a nice green or red book cover?

If you are not going to advance with the times, then get off the Information Superhighway. The last thing we want is you slowing us down with your turn signal stuck on.

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