Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Set Phasers to 'Stun', Not the Headline

Sadly, the Butler Bulldogs were unable to win the Horizon League Conference Tournament and lost a close game to Cleveland State 57-54 last night. We all know this is a wonderful and busy time of year for college basketball fans and sports writers. However, this is what evidently happens when someone gets assigned a story that has not done any background research and is writing the story to meet their deadline. I do not have a problem with the article, just the headline.

Cleveland State stuns No. 17 Butler for Horizon title

OK, I am willing to accept the fact that the Vikings upset Butler since the Bulldogs were ranked 17th and Cleveland State is not. However, if this lazy fucktard, how must be a relative or previous understudy of Bob Kravitz, should have looked at the previous meetings this year. He would have realized that Butler won both games by a combined four points. The first game was won on a last second shot by Gordon Heyward and Butler had to hang on by a thread to win the second at home. Therefore, it should not have been a surprise that the Vikings gave up quite a fight and won the game. They were not the #8 seed. Cleveland State was the #3 seed in the tournament. Cleveland State was the pre-season pick to win the league, Butler was picked to finish fifth. Hence, no stunning or surprising here.

Dude (or Dudette, as the author is not listed as it is an AP story), take two fucking minutes to do some research on the Internet, flip through the game program, look it up on your cell phone or even ask a Butler fan near you could have filled you in on the matchups that occurred this season. Everyone else who was a Butler fan at Hinkle may have been sad about the loss, but they were definitely not stunned!

Congratulations to the Cleveland State Vikings. Hopefully they can work another first round upset like their last trip to the Dance in 1986. Remember 1986, when they were a #14 seed and upset the #3 Indiana Hoosiers? Luckily, Butler has a good enough resume to still get into the dance, but there seeding with take it a hit with the loss. I just hope the NCAA Slection Committee at least gives them a seeding where they have a chance to make it to the second weekend and possibly in the Midwest bracket where they would play in Indy. Wait, they tend to be fucktards as well, so they will probably be an #8 seed and be shipped out west. I'll save my rant against the Selection Committee and it's failure to acknowledge the mid-majors for next week.

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