Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Math Is Not Our Friend - Redux

OK, I've already pointed out previously that Mike Tirico has difficulty with simple math. Well, Mike was back at it yesterday during the Monday Night Football game between Green Bay and Chicago at Soldier Field.

Right before halftime Mike made a comment that the Packers had outscored the Bears 60-6 so far this year. Now, the score at this point is 14-3, obviously in favor of the Packers. Green Bay defeated the Bears in Green Bay on November 16th. The score of that game was 37-3.

Now, let's go back to simple addition we learned in elementary school, shall we?

Do you think that 37 plus 14 equals 60? Most third graders should be able to tell you that 37 plus 14 equals 51!

So, Mike Tirico is not smarter than a third grader, let alone a fifth grader.

I think we need to send Mike back to remedial math so he can work on his addition and subtraction skills. I think we also need to send Tony Kornheiser to the moon. Now that would be a nice Christmas present

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