Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hang in there!

Some wise-ass decided to set the bar a little higher for us here at by having us average five posts per week (Thanks, Lom!). Of course, once he puts that bar in place, Slut starts putting in extra overtime thanks to the million part order at the kanuter valve plant in Oolitic, the football season is ending and any hope of Kringlebert ("The Football Guy") posting is rapidly dwindling and Oswald is still doing God knows what. And now, Lom is off somewhere working on his latest book on gynecological plastic surgery of the rich and famous. So, that seems to leave me to carry the torch for our little site.

So prepare for a hodge-podge potpourri assortment of random thoughts from yours truly until one of other brethren can spare some time to assist in our task. Hopefully, my writing will not drive our faithful readers away and/or drive one of the others to start writing.

Since I will see Slut and Kringlebert on Sunday, maybe we'll strap Kringlebert to a chair in front of the computer and make him actually post something since it IS the Super Bowl. Or perhaps we can have dueling posts on the Super Bowl and Super Bowl commercials going on via wireless networking.

So for now, please bear with us and know that it is almost baseball season...when the fun REALLY begins.

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