Thursday, January 29, 2009

Prime Time for Lists

I am normally not a huge fan of all-time sports lists. I might find them interesting, but they seem to come from someone who is very short-sighted and the lists always seem to be extremely top heavy with recent stars or events. I know it can be hard to quantify how good a player was back in the early 20th century from just their stats alone or old stories when you can "see" how good someone current is.

That said, I have been impressed with the new series on the MLB Network, Prime 9. Prime 9 is a half-hour show counting down the top 9 players or events on that night's topic. Last Monday, I watched the show on shortstops. Below is the ranking of the top 9 shortshops from #9 to #1.

Prime 9 Shortstops
#9 - Luke Appling
#8 - Barry Larkin
#7 - Derek Jeter
#6 - Arky Vaughn
#5 - Ozzie Smith
#4 - Ernie Banks
#3 - Cal Ripken, Jr.
#2 - Alex Rodriguez
#1 - Honus Wagner

I was impressed that the MLB Network actually seemed to look at the entire picture and not just the past 40 years and a couple of superstars from prior years. Obviously since this was done by MLB, they seem to have people that have a genuine interest in baseball on their staff. Yes, you could probably argue a couple of people that may of been left off or that Larkin was better than Jeter or that Ozzie Smith was overrated. Although, if you try and debate that Ozzie was overrated, you are liable to clubbed like a baby seal by Lom.

I have seen several lists that try and list A-Rod as the #1 shortstop. I even saw a list that put A-Rod first because he had gone to more World Series than Wagner. That ranks as one of the stupidest reasons I have heard for ranking a player. Just because your "team" won more, doesn't mean you were a better player. Now, if A-Rod can continue being very good for another 6-7 years, then might have an argument who is #1. However, Wagner is still my #1 pick.

The Prime 9 shows are decently written and right now they are just filler until the MLB spring training starts. They are definitely better than the nine hours of Hot Stove reruns they current offer. The next two episodes will rank the top gaffes and comebacks and will air on Feb. 9th at 8:00 and 8:30 PM. Enjoy.

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