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Playoffs...we don't need no stinking playoffs!

Our apologies for the lack of posts this month. Some of us have been in mourning after Slut's post below on and others are still busy with their jobs. We'll now it is time to get back to posting.

How fitting is it that our first post is about our "favorite" journalist - Bob Kravitz. While everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, Bob's opinion that there should not be a college football playoff is valid. Unfortunately, his justification for it is absolutely absurd, as usual.

No playoff is fine with me

On college football and other nonsense:

I belong to a very distinct minority, a population smaller than the one that claims ownership of a Jamaal Tinsley jersey and a David Harrison bobblehead.

Or the Mike Vanderjagt fan club or Panic City. We all know you definitely do not belong to the Good Writers Association!

I don't want a college football playoff.

As mentioned, you are entitled to your opinion. And being a sports columnist, this is a good start to an article. Score one for Bobby.

Well, it's not that I don't want one in the sense I don't want the whooping cough or a third eye in the middle of my forehead, but honestly, I could do quite well to continue living without it.


Because we already have a college football playoff system in place.

Oh, really? Yes we do, but it is in the lower levels of college football. But the last time I checked we do not in the BCS.

It's called the regular season.

What?!? Hey, shit-for-brains! A regular season in not a playoff!

Every week, every game involving a Top 25 team is, in its own way, a playoff game. It's not necessarily a one-and-done, but it serves essentially the same purpose.

While games involving Top 25 teams CAN be exciting, that is not always the case. Granted, a loss during the season can end a college teams chance at the National Championship, that is not always the case. In a playoff, you ARE one and done!

One of the reasons college football's popularity has soared in recent years is because every regular-season game matters and matters deeply. When USC loses early in the season at Oregon State, it's tantamount to a first-round playoff loss. When Texas Tech knocks off Texas, it's a playoff game.


It is not a playoff game you half-witted, hack of a journalist! It is a regular season conference game that did have consequences to the loser and benefits to the winner. But both teams have to play out their seasons to see if either can reach a BCS game or even the National Championship. Also, the game was the game of the season at that point. But if Texas and Texas Tech both lost two or three games over the remainder of the season, then the game's importance suddenly fades and becomes a footnote.

Also, most teams in the Top 10 do not play each other during the season unless they are from the same conference. Penn State, Alabama, USC, Texas Tech, and Florida State do not play each other during the regular season. How can you fairly say Alabama is more worthy than Texas Tech unless they play each other in playoff game, or in current terms, a bowl game?

Everything we do in sports these days serves to devalue the regular season, which is pretty precious considering how ticket prices have continued to soar for those increasingly meaningless games. The NFL has six playoff teams from each conference. Baseball went to the wild card. In hockey and basketball, the only teams that miss the playoffs are the Washington Capitals and Los Angeles Clippers.

God, the absurdity just keeps getting better and better! (Or worse and worse depending on how you look at it.)

# of teams making the playoffs/# of teams in league

Baseball - 8 out of 30

Football - 12 out of 32

Basketball - 16 out of 30

Hockey - 16 out of 30

Say what you want about the NBA and NHL. Over half the teams make the playoffs each year. But how can you say that the Super Bowl and World Series DEVALUE the regular season! The whole point of playing the season it to see who makes it to the playoffs and then who can make it to the championship.

By Kravitz's argument, the championship should have been handed over to the New England Patriots at the end of the regular season last year. No need for the playoffs, the Pats were a perfect 16-0, hand them the Lombardi trophy.

Yet, the Pats lost in the Super Bowl. We have the playoffs to have the best teams from the regular season play each other because many times they do not get always get to play each other during the regular season.

Bowl games, other than the championship game, are essentially meaningless. Conference basketball tournaments are nothing more than raw money grabs that devalue the regular season. They provide bad to average teams with second and third chances they don't deserve.

Yes, bowl games other than BCS games are meaningless in the grand scheme. However, they are a financial reward for the teams playing in them and usually a fun trip for alumni and fans.

I will agree that conference basketball tournaments are there just for the money and for mid-major and lower level teams, the tournaments do devalue the regular season. For those conferences, unless you are a Butler or Gonzaga, your conference only gets one bid and that goes to the conference tournament champ. So you can go 15-1 in your conference, lose in the finals and get to watch the tournament from home. So that's two for Bob...and two hundred against.

I like the fact that with one bad performance, Penn State's claim to a national title is all but dead.

Unless Texas Tech, Alabama, etc. all lose a game, then Penn State could resurface.

It's difficult to quantify, but there is surely value in the continual "who's No. 1?'' debate in college football.

Yes, it provide shit-fucks like you an excuse to blab your mouth on why you think Northeast Central Kansas Polytechnical A&M should be #1 this week. However, the whole poll system is subjective and as we have seen previously, is subject to influence within conferences. The BCS works when only two teams are undefeated at the end of the year. But when three or more teams are undefeated or all have one loss, the system does not work.

There is a college football playoff system.

It's called the regular season.

There is a term for journalists like you - fucktard!

There is never going to be a perfect answer to the college football playoff. The BCS IS flawed, but better than the old system of just the AP and Coaches Polls. Even if the NCAA institutes an eight team playoff, people will still be arguing which eight teams should be in it and who got snubbed. Hell, we do that with the 64-team basketball tournament!

Slut and I continue to be amazed at the fact that Kravitz can reach the correct conclustion or have a valid point, but the way he gets there or the justification for his point is so totally wrong or off-base that it kills us.

I do not fault Bob for his opinion. But man his reasoning is so fucking far off-base that you have to wonder what the man is thinking (or not) sometimes. I think working for the newspaper and co-hosting a radio show are too much for Bob and his teeny, tiny brain to handle.

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