Monday, November 3, 2008

Let's Finish What We Started

We've all done it before at one time or another. Working on a document and when we did not have a the exact figure we put in XXX or $$$ to note we needed to add that fact or figure in. Either because we were in a hurry or sheer stupidity we forgot to go back and put that in. For most of us, that error may have been noticed by one or two or maybe a dozen people tops, right? Well, leave it to Phil Richards of the Indianapolis Newspaper Monopoly to make that type of error where thousands of people will see your stupidity!

In the Sports section of Monday's paper an article on the Patriots-Colts game had a table showing Peyton Manning's stats versus the Patriots since 2003. Granted it is a nice table. Unfortunately, Phil the fucktard forgot to go back in and add in Peyton's stats for last night's game before it went to press. There at the top of the able next to yesterday's date are a row of X's all the way across. In the column right next to it we have all of the stats from the game, so Phil cannot say that the game ended too late and missed his deadline. Did we fall asleep before the end of the game? Were we updating our My Space page and forgot? Did we get sidetracked on and lost track of time?

And once again we have a prime example of editors asleep at the wheel. Is there anyone proofing anything anymore? Come on! A cursory glance at the page should have been able to catch this error. It was the first thing I noticed on the page!

Honestly, I do not know if Phil did the table or not, but someone at the Indianapolis Newspaper Monopoly really screwed the pooch on this one. And they wonder why their readership continues to decline.

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