Friday, October 24, 2008

Homer to the Extreme - D'oh!

I've been a fan of Bob Lamey, the play-by-play broadcaster for the Indianapolis Colts radio network, for quite a while. I have preferred to turn the volume down on the CBS broadcasts and turn on Bob because I knew I would hear better game calling than the 'tards on CBS. However, Bob has gotten to be a bit too much of a homer.

Granted, I want the local play-by-play broadcaster for a team to be a bit of homer. It is not like a national broadcast where you really need to be a neutral party. I want my local person to have an interest and root for my team. Yet, over the past few years, Bob's homer-ism is reaching an extreme. I mean Ron Santo homer-ism extreme. It is hard not to enjoy Bob's enthusiasm on a Colts touchdown or an excellent play. And I get a chuckle everytime Slut does his Bob Lamey "It's Good!" imitation.

Listening to the Colts-Packers game last weekend, as the game went worse and worse for the Colts, you could just hear Bob get more and more disenfranchised. Every penalty against the Colts is made out to either be a crap call or a "Jesus F-ing Christ" not another penalty call. When the Colts finally scored late in the game we got a half-assed, "Touchdown, Dominic Rhodes." I do not expect a broadcast to be a Mr. Positive in a blow-out game, but give me an honest broadcast.

Howard Kellman has been broadcasting for Indianapolis Indians for 33 years and does play-by-play broadcasting the right way, in my opinion. I can turn into the game at any time and never know if the game is tied, or a blow-out one way or the other. He just seems to be able to deliver a broadcast that will keep the listener involved in the game, regardless of the score. Although Howard just seems to have that voice and personality that I would probably enjoy hearing read Betty Crocker recipes.

Is it time for Bob Lamey to be replaced. Ehh, not quite yet. It is hard to imagine someone other than Bob broadcasting a Colts game. Yet, I would like to have the Colts or someone reign Bob in a bit.

Side note - I admit it has been fun to write for I never imagined myself writing for a blog or that it would be as fun as it has. It is funny though that you can spend five minutes writing a post and then spend ten times that amount trying to come up with an interesting or witty title for the post. A post just does not seem complete until you can come up with a good title.

I hope everyone enjoys our posts as much as we enjoy writing them.

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