Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your Week #2 Chicken Little Checklist

Alrighty, let's go over the checklist.

1. Lose your 4-time NFL MVP quarterback for an extended period.


2. Sign a replacement QB who was retired to be the starter because the guy who was your backup has a regular season QB rating of less than 10 and should not be allowed anywhere on the playing field.


3. Complete #2 less than three weeks before the regular season starts.


4. Go out the first week and lay a craptacular egg against a division rival.


5. If your a season ticket holder you should immediately go out and sell your tickets to all future Colts games.


Well, according to WTHR in Indy, they seem to think that Colts ticket holders will be jumping ship now that the team is facing a different kind of adversity we haven't had to face in quite a while.

INDIANAPOLIS - A blowout loss in the first game could prompt Colts' season ticket holders to sell or give away some of their tickets.

WTF! REALLY! Do you really think the sky is falling at this point? While the blowout loss to Houston was a tough one to swallow, it was also a page out of the Worst Case Scenario book. I don't expect Kerry Collins to have the same issues in the first quarter of the Browns game and end up in a 17-0 hole after one quarter.

And considering this weekend's game is the first home game, I don't think most ticket holders are in a hurry to try and make some cash versus seeing the game.

If we are 0-8 at the mid-season point, then we'll have a different story altogether.

It's more than just a first game loss. The first game without Peyton Manning in which the team barely showed a pulse might turn into an opportunity.

Again, see my previous point.

"I thought it was bad," said Brian Williams.

I thought he actually said, "I thought is sucked donkey balls!" But it is broadcast TV, so they had to clean it up.

Ticket brokers say it's a little early for a mass exodus but with the Cleveland Browns coming to town it could be a bellwether game. If the Colts play poorly again this weekend, the hometown faithful may decide to take advantage of the Steelers visit the following week, since Pittsburgh fans are known to travel well.

So basically you already proved you are jumping the gun with this article.

"Pittsburgh is a good traveling team. They can't get tickets to their own stadium, so a lot of times they go on the road. They got a lot of fans that travel, so we are still seeing a lot of demand for that game," said Kyle Kinnett with Sport Events.

This is actually true and was proved in the playoff game in 2006. Fans thought we would walk into the next round and people made a few bucks. Oops!

But some Colts fans aren't so quick to get rid of their tickets.

No shit, Sherlock!

"No, I wouldn't sell them. Not to them, no. No, I don't think I would sell them at all," said Shari Jordina.

"I'd sit through anything the Colts gotta do," Williams said. "No matter what. I'm a die hard Colts fan."

I think this is what most season ticket holders are saying. If you are that quick to sell your tickets before the first home game, then you are probably not much of a Colts fan in the first place.

On the Eyewitness News Facebook page, reaction was much the same Monday.

"I don't have them, but if I did, I would still be at every game. I'm a true blue bleeder, no matter the time. Standing behind a time that has taken us farther than I ever thought possible," said one fan, Gloria.

"Anyone who sells their tickets just because the #1 QB is out hurt is not a true Colts fan," wrote another fan, Rhonda.

Wham! Wham! Wham! (Sound of my head hitting the desk)

For now demand is steady, but there is a crack.

There are still plenty of fans who want to see a Colts game. With or without Manning. Even if the Colts are 0-8, I'm still going to go to a game and have a good time. It is all nice when your team wins, but you tend to take with you the overall experience of the game. The atmosphere, the camaraderie, the lighter wallet and the cheering are all part of going to the game.

"Demand is definitely the same. The prices have dropped a bit. I would liken it to when the economy took a dive a few years ago - predominantly our business was corporate America, corporate America, corporate America and the price was high. When that happened, the pricing came down and gave the opportunity for fans and people who haven't been able to attend these events in the past the opportunity to go. It's the same; I mean, it's a good team. It's a team sport. Prices are down but it's giving the opportunity to fans who couldn't afford to prior the opportunity to go now," Kinnett said.

Dude, the prices have dropped because your franchise player is not playing. It's not like trying to sell tickets to the Brickyard 400. You still have plenty of people who want to go see the Colts. However, since you are not sure what kind of play you are going to see at this point, you are not going to get the top dollar you were getting in previous seasons.

If you normally don't have the opportunity to attend Colts games, this could be your year. Tickets are going for face value.

And that is not necessarily anything new. When I checked Stub Hub there were some going for under face value, but they were the upper level sideline seats in the upper rows. Not sure why they are charging $69 face value for those seats, but they were selling in the mid-$40's. The cheap end zone seats were going for a few bucks over face value. So, like any event, there are some bargains. It's not like it is a pre-season game where you can't give the tickets away.

"It was tough to watch, but I would give them another chance. They are our Colts, so we have to give them a chance," Jordina said.

It's not like you're going to a game and being forced to watch Ishtar or Nothing But Trouble! The Colts are going to win games this year. The Colts are going to lose games this year. Kerry Collins will get more on track and the rest of the team will buck up and actually start showing up. It is not time to throw in the towel and play for a high draft pick. We do not know how long Peyton will be out. If the Colts can hover around .500 and Manning can come back after 8 games, then they may still have a shot at the playoffs.

Even without Manning for the season, the AFC South is winnable for the Colts. I'm not giving up on them yet, and it looks like most fans are not ready to either.

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