Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Okay, so nothing like taking seven months off! (Or more for some of us!) I know that life sometimes gets in the way, but seven fucking months! REALLY?!?!?

Yes, we are totally ashamed of ourselves. But hey, we still live in a basement in our parents' houses. Do you think were more ashamed to have ignored our fans (all half dozen or so of you) for the past several months compared to living with our parents? HAH!

Not sure about the rest of the gang, but I guess we have let the fucktards of the sports world get away with too much and it is time for LomHenn.com to put its proverbial foot down!


A lot has happened since our last post in February. The Butler Bulldogs went to the Championship game in the Final FourTM for the second straight year. (Well done!) Dan Wheldon won the Indy 500. Tiger Woods came back...sucked...left again...came back...still sucked...missed the PGA fall playoffs. Cardinals did a mid-summer "flan in the cupboard" impression. The NFL lockout came to end just in time. The NBA lockout will most likely not end in time...no real loss there, in my opinion. And Bob Kravitz is still writing for the Indy Star...sadly. At least he is still not on the radio!

And now the NFL regular season has finally started. WOOOHOOOO! And to make things real interesting for Colts fans, Peyton Manning will miss at least a majority of the season. Not the way I really wanted to liven up this season! It has been interesting to see and hear the various pundits call for the demise of the Colts without #18. True, the Colts are not as good offensively without Peyton, but they still have several Pro Bowl players on the team. One game does not a season make!

So no guarantees that we will not have another seven month gap in our posts, but with football season on the go, I'm pretty sure we can scratch up a few posts here and there.

Feel free to send us an email and tell us we suck!

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