Saturday, January 8, 2011

NFL Playoffs

10-17 last two weeks
63-86-1 overall regular season record

The last two weeks of O'Hoolix's season was similar to the last six weeks......miserable. At least the playoffs are here and O'Hoolix's record is now back to 0-0. O'Hoolix will get his groove back, NUFF SAID!

NEW ORLEANS -10: Giving 10 points on the road usually is not a path to success, but the Seahawks are bad, the Saints D will shut down the Seahawks.

INDY -2: The Jets have been talking just enough to really piss Peyton Manning off. Everyone thinks the Jets D is good, but you give up 38 points to the Bears and get shredded in the air, I like the Colts to put up a big number here, 33-27 Colts.

JETS/COLTS ovr 44.5

BALTIMORE -3: Ravens too good here. The Chiefs are improving as a team, but the loss to the Raiders was a killer, their MO is gone now.

GREEN BAY +3: Close game, take the points and the Cheese!

Good Luck All!


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