Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New OT?

Could the "No Fun League" actually be making a change for the better? Is it possible that the owners, who are turning the NFL from a bruising, crunching, battling game into protect the pansy QB, are actually improving the game?

Kind of...and no.

The NFL owners voted 28-4 to change the overtime rules to allow the teams losing the coin toss to have a possession in OT. Only if the team that won the toss kicks a field goal...and only during the postseason. Fuck the Heck!?!

Only during the postseason? I know that this happened in last season's playoff game between Minnesota and New Orleans when New Orleans won the toss and kicked a field goal to win the game without the Vikings offense having a chance. But you mean to tell me that if this had been the regular season finale with a playoff spot on the line that you'd be hosed? And the reasoning you give is that you are afraid the possibility of extend time could lead to more injuries?!?!?!?!

Fuck the fuck the heck?!?!?! Double fuck the heck! Whatever!!!!

Give me a GD fucking break!!!

If you were so concerned about injuries, then fucking drop two of the retarded preseason games that do nothing but gouge the pockets of season ticket holders. The game on the field is meaningless crap during most of the preseason yet you have to pay full price for the ticket. And how many season-ending or major injuries do we see every year in the preseason. Do you really think that adding a couple of additional series in overtime during the regular season is really going to result in that many more injuries than a meaningless preseason game?

I know some people think a change is not needed or that they should change the rules to mimic college rules. However, statistics do show that something needed to be done. Since 1994, teams that won the coin toss won the game 34.3% of the time without the other team ever having a possession in OT. You played for 60 minutes and forced overtime, but your offense never has a chance to get on the field? I've never liked that rule.

Personally, I prefer the rules from the Arena Football League in that each team is guaranteed one possession. If the game is still tied after each team has had a possession, then it becomes sudden death. It is a more equitable solution and prevents the game being decided essentially by the coin toss.

One caveat to this is that there is possibility for another vote in May during the next set of Owner's Meetings where the owners could vote to include the new rules for the regular season as well. With all of the fall out I've seen so far, I think there is a good chance to get this passed. The only question would be if it would start with the 2010 season or the 2011 season.

Change can be good, but to only change part of a whole that needs to be changed is both short-sighted and chicken shit. But, this is the "No Fun League" so chicken shit is becoming more of the norm any more it seems.

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