Friday, December 18, 2009

Really, an actual post!!!

Yes, it does seem like every one except O'Hoolix had dropped off the face of the Internet. Work and life catches up with us sometimes and it is hard to find the time or the energy to do something that is more than a hobby but less than a job. We'd love to get paid to do this but we just have not been able to find any one stupid enough to sponsor us yet.

Thanks to O'Hoolix for keeping us going. I think my last post was back in what, July? Anyways, my early New Year's resolution is to devote more time to our site.

Normally I try not to pick on just a section of a story...unless it really deserves it. And this story deserves it. Overall the story is fine. I enjoy just about any story about a Colts victory. Just gets the facts straight, will ya!

"Garrard was 23 of 40 for 223 yards and three touchdowns. Maurice Jones-Drew ran 27 times for 110 yards and a score, and caught five passes for 30 yards and a touchdown. But once the Jaguars got behind and abandoned the running game, they had trouble sustaining drives."

The Jaguars scored on five of their first six drives and the one they did not score on was a missed FG (thanks again, Steve Perry). The Jags were up 31-28 when they took their final lead. From that point on they went punt-punt-punt-interception. The Colts went punt-TD-punt-kneel downs. Therefore, the Jags actually had the lead MORON. And really, they did not necessarily abandon the run.

On the possession after the Colts TD, the Jags ran the ball twice on first downs, but Maurice Jones-Drew only ran for 3 and 2 yards, respectively. David Garrard was passing the ball pretty well. The illegal formation penalty was the killer on the drive. Instead of a 19-yard gain and a first down, it became 2nd-and-13 and the Jags were forced to pass twice resulting in an incomplete pass and a sack. After the Jags forced the Colts to punt just before the two-minute warning, you have to abandon the run with only one timeout and the two-minute warning.

The Colts defense also seemed to step it up in the fourth quarter, so Jones-Drew was not as effective either after that point. In the second half, Jones-Drew had only 39 yards in 13 carries, a 3.0 YPC average. He had 71 yards in the first half.

So congrats to the Colts on going 14-0! We see about a discussion on whether the Colts should shoot for 16-0. Let's see if those of us at can string together our own streak of posts.

[From somewhere across town I hear Slut yelling, "No bet!"]

Time to go digging through some old Bob Kravitz posts. I know there is at least one we need to post...

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