Saturday, December 19, 2009

NFL Week 15

Week 1: 6-5
Week 2: 7-3
Week 3: 3-4
Week 4: 2-4
Week 5: 5-4
Week 6: 3-4
Week 7: 2-7
Week 8: 3-4
Week 9: 5-4
Week 10:6-3
Week 11:5-4
Week 12:4-8
Week 13:6-4
Week 14:7-6


Glad to see a regular post on Lom Henn as well as my gaming posts. O'Hoolix will finish out the regular season and a week or two of the playoffs, then unfortunately the furry space alien will be at an underground training facility for anti-terrorist space aliens for a few months.

On to the picks, I have climbed back to .500 and now its time to push ahead for the stretch run.

COWBOYS +7.5: Should be able to control time of posession.
BILLS +7: Buffalo playing better of late and NE is not.
BROWNS +2: Wrong team might be favored here.
CARDS/LIONS und 47: Can the Lions score more than 17?
BENGALS +7: For a team that has beaten Baltimore and Pittsburg twice don't think they are getting enough respect here.
STEELERS -2.5: Love the pack, but not on the road.
EAGLES -7: Don't think 49'ers can score enough here.
BEARS +11: Asking the Ravens to cover an 11 point spread here is too much.
PANTHERS +9: Vikings are not the same team on the road.

Good Luck All!


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