Friday, January 22, 2010

NFL Playoffs: Championship Games

Now you know why I typically leave this to the others here at to pick the games. Last week I went a whopping 1-3 against the spread, getting only the Colts-Ravens pick correct. Granted, most people did not expect the Chargers to go down to the Jets and I really expected a better game out the Cardinals against the Saints. I should have known better than to pick the Cowboys last week, what the fuck was I thinking...

Anyhoo, we are down to the final four teams left standing. The four teams remaining have a combined three Super Bowl wins between them. The Colts have two, one in Baltimore and one in Indy while the Jets have their infamous win over the Colts in SB III. The Vikings have been four times and struck out each time, but so have the Buffalo Bills, so at least they are not alone in their sucking in the big game. And poor old New Orleans Saints, the perennial doormats for so long finally have a chance to make it to the big one.

You have three of the top quarterbacks currently in the NFL playing on Sunday in Manning, Favre and Brees, along with the Cinderella rookie Mark Sanchez. When you look at this weekend's matchup, it does kind of look like a NCAA final four pairing. You have two number one seeds (Indy and New Orleans), a number two seed (Minnesota) and the George Mason of the group (NY Jets). Something tells me that this Cinderella team will meet the same fate as George Mason did.

So here we go!

Game #1 - NY Jets at Indianapolis Colts (-7.5)

The Colts gave up their pursuit of a perfect season to rest injured players and strive for their ultimate goal, the Super Bowl. While I would have preferred the Colts to have tried a bit harder to achieve this feat, I cannot begrudge them for keeping their sights set on their original goal. The Colts choice to ease their foot of the pedal the final two weeks resulted in the Jets reviving their playoff hopes. With the help of two gimme games to end the season they made the playoffs as the #6 seed. The Jets defense has shown why they are the #1 defense the past two weeks in defeating the Bengals and Chargers. It also helps that the kickers for both teams sucked ass on their field goal attempts going 0-5 in both games.

Granted, I am a Colts fan, but I had a feeling after the Jets beat the Chargers that the Colts will have this game and make a return trip to Miami. I've had the feeling all week and it is getting stronger the closer we get to game time. I personally would have preferred to play the Chargers this weekend and get the monkey off our backs like we did against New England three years ago. The Colts starters who were taken out of the Jets game and were forced to watch the backups implode now want some payback.

The clock is about to strike midnight for this Cinderella. Go with the Colts (-7.5)!!!!

Game #2 - Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints (-3.5)

It is hard to believe that the Superdome has never, ever hosted a NFC Championship game until now. It is hard to believe that the NFL keeps letting Brett Favre un-retire every fucking year, it seems.

Both of these teams high a high-powered offense and while the Colts-Jets game will probably be a slugfest, this game should be a shoot-out of epic proportions. Both the Vikings and Saints won their games by 31 points last week. Drew Brees has blossomed in New Orleans and is poised to take the Saints to their first ever Super Bowl. Brett Farve is the old man making one final push for another ring.

This one is tough to call, but I'm looking forward to a Colts-Saints Super Bowl in Miami. Go Saints (-3.5).

Possible upcoming Super Bowl topics?

  • Will the Saints get their first Super Bowl?
  • Will Jim Caldwell win a Super Bowl as a rookie coach and become the third black coach to win a Super Bowl?
  • How low of a spread will a Colts-Saints Super Bowl have? Could we have the first pick 'em Super Bowl?
  • Will Brett Favre retire again? And if so, will we have another episode of Ishtar the Series come next season?

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