Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Something's Gone A-Foul

One bad call deserves another. At the end of the Pacers-Cavaliers game last night, Lebron James, NBA superstar, was the object of an extremely rare occurrence. He was actually called for a foul in the last second that cost his team the game! I know, it is totally shocking, huh?

Honestly, the Pacers were the beneficiaries of a make-up foul call at the end. Why, do you ask? Because Bennie Adams, one of the referees, called a foul against Danny Granger because he touched Lebron on an alley-oop pass. Granger did make contact with James, but it did not seem significant and Lebron got the "star" call. He made both free throws to tie the game with 0.4 seconds remaining.

On the Pacers inbounds pass, Lebron might have had better position because the inbounds pass was a little short, but he ran into Granger and was actually called for the foul by Joe Crawford. Lebron's foul seemed to be more legitimate that Granger's but I don't think either one should have been called. Crawford's call on Lebron seemed to be more of a make-up call due to the poor call on the other end. Or you can look at it as if the other ref is going to call it with 0.8 seconds left, then I am going to make the same call with 0.4 seconds left.

Cleveland coach Mike Brown was livid about the call. Evidently he feels that his star player should get the Jordan superstar treatment. Brown went on a tirade that will likely get him a hefty fine from the league.

"I don't care if I get fined. It is what it is. I saw the two plays; just a bad call determined the outcome of that game," Brown said. "If they want to fine me for telling the truth, fine me. This isn't me. I never do this."

"It was predetermined from the call that was made at the other end of the floor, and it is very unfortunate," Brown said. "We got the game taken away from us. Absolutely horrible."

OK, Coach. So you are willing to admit that the call at your end of the floor was a bad call and the refs were predetermined to make another bad call to even things out and take the game away from you?

It is just nice to see that the refs can actually call a foul at the end of the game and against a "star" even!

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