Sunday, February 8, 2009

Super Bowl Remix

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but work and family have kept me away this week. So I am going to catch up on a few posts, some which may be a little old at this point.

I hope everyone enjoyed our Super Bowl comments blitz. It made for an entertaining evening and kept us involved in the game when it was a little dull in the middle. We may have to try that for some of the road Colts games next year.

I would like to clear up a couple of issues we had with the game. It was interesting to hear various sports people give their comments on the officiating of the Super Bowl. I heard both that the officiating was fair and that the officiating was heavily in favor of the Steelers. There were a couple of instances we felt that Rothlisberger should have been called for intentional grounding that we commented on. It turns out we were guilty of not knowing the rules fully on intentional grounding. Even though no was remotely near both of Rothlisberger's passes, they were both past the line of scrimmage and that does not constitute intentional grounding.

I am still bewildered and somewhat pissed about the lack of a review at the end of the game on Warner's "fumble". I understand the statement the NFL gave out afterwards, but I would think that given the dramatic impact of the play, you would have at least given a token review on the field or at the minimum, have the ref give an explanation stating the booth did not feel a review was required. Bad judgement on the NFL's part, personally.

I have tried to find the rule regarding the passes and fumbles, but the is a bit lacking on that front. I know the rules have changed a few times of the past few years and even though the ball was coming out of Warner's hands, he did get the ball forward.

While the 4th quarter and the ending of Super Bowl XLIII were both dramatic, I do not feel it was the "best Super Bowl ever." I hate the pundits who have been stating that this week. It may have been in the Top 10 overall and possibly the Top 5 finishes, but I find it far from the best ever.

Now that football season is over, we'll see if we can hang on until Spring Training! It's going to be tough, that's for sure.

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Blogger Slut Bunwalla said...

It doesn't matter if a pass goes past the line of scrimmage for intentional grounding--if the quarterback throws a pass without a "realistic chance of completion," it's intentional grounding no matter where the pass was thrown.

I think what you're referring to is when the QB is out of the pocket: in that case, the QB can throw the ball to an empty spot on the field, and as long as the ball lands at our beyond the line of scrimmage, there is no penalty for intentional grounding.

You're right--there were a couple of times we thought that Big Ben should have been called for intentional grounding, but replays later showed he was out of the pocket, so no penalty.

The comment-fest was fun! I love the idea of doing this for Colts road games or other prominent contests next season.

February 8, 2009 at 11:40 PM  
Blogger Zinglebert Bembledack said...

OK, next time I'll try and read the whole fucking rule! Yes, I missed the out-of-the-pocket portion of the sentence.

I know that they showed one of the instances on replay to show he WAS outside the pocket, but the other one seemed iffy also. However, they didn't replay that one.

I think live blogging/commenting of future games could be least for us!

February 9, 2009 at 10:54 PM  

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