Tuesday, September 23, 2008

XL Error

I enjoy rooting for the underdog a lot of the time. Since WFNI 1070 am started as a all-sports radio station, my XL 950 am sports station is a distant third for sports radio stations in a medium-sized market. I think they have a much better afternoon show (The Zone with Rake & Woch) than 1070's Kravitz and Eddie, but that just my personal opinion.

However, they are not doing themselves any favors on their website with little blurbs like this one:

Crunch Time

The Indiana Fever forced a Game 3 with a thrilling 98-92 overtime win in Detroit on Sunday. They'll have to repeat that feat tonight if they want to continue playing basketball this season. The deciding game of the best-of-three WNBA Playoff series between the Shock and Fever takes place tonight from the Palace. Detroit has knocked Indiana out of the playoffs the last two seasons. The winner of tonight's game will advance to take on Connecticut in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Nothing really wrong with this paragraph. It gives me all of the pieces of information I needed to know - Game 2 score, forcing a Game 3, the fact Detroit has knocked the Fever out the past two seasons, etc. There is only one, small problem with this blurb.


The Sun were knocked out last night by the New York Liberty, you 'tards! I'm not a real fan of the WNBA, but I do passively root for the home team. Just by parsing through the sports pages online I was able to notice that the Sun lost last night and were eliminated from the playoffs.

You work at a sports-centric job. How the hell do you make this error? I think I know who maintains the website and this person is from Connecticut. I'm guessing he was asleep at the wheel while writing this.

I was hoping my guys would be able to keep themselves off our site, but I can't give them a pass on this one.

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