Friday, November 12, 2010

Asleep At the Wheel Again

Maybe it is true that ESPN has a bunch of monkeys actually doing the writing for their website!

I understand that people are going to make mistakes in writing articles that will not get caught before they are posted. I still do not understand who so MANY get through, but we are not really sure how many different eyes actually review a writer's work anymore. (Any?)

What I cannot understand is how you can fuck up a HEADLINE and nobody catch it before it is posted to your website! Yet ESPN has done it on many, many occasions. Obviously they are corrected in short order, but still, there is no excuse for a headline to be grossly incorrect.

Last night as I was heading to bed, I wanted to check the score of last nights Ravens-Falcons game, so I hit the ESPN Mobile sight on my phone and see this headline on the top of the page:

Matt Ryan Engineers 80-Yard Drive In Final Minute As Falcons Top Saints, 26-21

Nice headline right? Except the Falcons played the RAVENS you fucktards!!!!!!

How do you mess up that bad and nobody catch it? Are there no protocols at midnight before things are posted on your website?!? Maybe the Lom Henn crew need to quit our jobs and work for ESPN as editors. Lord knows we couldn't be any worse!

You may be the world leader in sports entertainment, ESPN, but you are also the leader in fucking stupid mistakes (as well as the leader in reporting breaking stories with unnamed sources, but that is another story, altogether.)

Let's get it together, people!

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