Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Kurk-Gem

I turned on "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd on ESPN-U in the middle of Colin's segment with Tim Kurkjian. Apparently, Tim and Colin were talking about Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer's complaints regarding his overuse by Hall of Fame manager Earl Weaver (Palmer has said that his arm was frequently sore and that he thought Weaver abused his pitchers).

I didn't catch all of the discussion (though I'm sure Cowherd probably complained that today's pitchers are babies or something of the like), but I did catch that Tim this: "Weaver must have known what he was doing, since he won all of those World Series titles."

Earl Weaver won ONE world series title with Baltimore in 1970. He made it to the World Series 3 other times.

Typically, I like Tim Kurkjian and I think he gets it. But he seems to be doing what a lot of analysts do regarding Earl Weaver--deifying him. Weaver was undoubtedly a great manager, but he was not infallible. And there has been a lot of criticism--not just from Palmer--about Weaver having overused his pitchers.

In any case, as the ESPN baseball numbers "expert", Tim really should have his facts straight when talking about one of the most famous managers of all time.

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