Thursday, May 7, 2009

5/7 Picks

Last Picks:3-1
Overall NBA/MLB:23-15-1

Before we get to tonight's picks, the furry space alien pegged the predictable Artest meltdown in Game 2. Although, probably wrongly ejected you just knew Artest would do something stupid. Stern, of course has given the refs orders never to eject Kobe and instead they eject Fisher later on a make-up call. Artest will implode on the big stage, and the Lakers will win in 7 is the official O'Hoolix prediction.The word has been delivered right to the locker-room/first class plane seat/NBA groupie arranger office of Bavetta, Crawford,Javie, etc... this will go 7 games!

On a side note; NBA refs are a joke and remind me of the poor schmuck officiating at a Dick the Bruiser wrestling match.

HAWKS +12.5: I think the Hawks will play better tonight, of course still lose, but keep it within 10 points

HAWKS/CLE over 178.5 I don't expect a score-fest here, but something like 97-89 type of game.

Good Luck!



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