Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Z's 4/29 Picks

I warned you I am not the prognosticator O'Hoolix is in the realm of sports betting. I shot a whopping goose egg last night going 0-4. So let's see if we can continue the trend, shall we?

Last night: 0-4
Overall: 0-4

Today's picks:

Hornets +10.5 - I now the Hornets were blown to bits losing by 58 points in their last game. And while I think the Hornets will turn things around, they're still going to lose to the Nuggets, but much closer than 58 points!

Cardinals -120 - OK, I was on track last night until the bullpen blew another save...again! The Cards are 14-7 and lead the NL Central. All seven loses have been the responsibility of the bullpen, save Ryan Franklin who is 6-for-6 on save opportunities. I just don't feel the Cardinals are going to lose back-to-back games to the Braves.

Brewers -200 - The Pirates are sending Ian Snell to the mound today and I just believe the Brewers are going to sock it to him today. Call it a gut feeling...orit maybe just indigestion.

Giants -150 - Again a gut feeling call for the Giants' Lincecum. I just feel he is going to have a great game tonight.

Beware all 'ye who bet here!


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