Friday, December 12, 2008

Bob Kravitz Is a Lazy SOB

I wrote an entry a couple of days ago on Bob Kravitz's usual half-assed attempt at an opinion article on the IHSAA and the cost to hold the Indiana state high school football finals at Lucas Oil Stadium. What I didn't realize until a short time ago is that he essentially plagiarized another article from his own newspaper to pull his "facts" from and then just added his opinion.

The shit-hack did not do one fucking bit of work to follow up on what was written in the other article. As Kravitz did was pull the information he needed out of the article by Michael Pointer and add his own opinion/spin.

I am just so totally flabbergasted and pissed off at this moment. For the love of God, man! Can't you do just a minuscule bit of journalism here? I know we enjoy picking on Bob Kravitz and his articles, but typically they are written so poorly that we just can't help it. But in the previous articles I've lambasted, it has been because he backed up his opinions so poorly or half-assed the article. This is the epitome of why Bob needs to go.

Was there no way that Bob could call Blake Ress, the commissioner of the IHSAA, to get some additional information to help back his point? We know that the IHSAA had to spend over $261K on the finals, but did they actually make money or lose money? We don't know. Bob didn't bother to ask that question. Bob ignored the paragraph in Pointer's article stating that if the finals drew over 50,000 fans (2008 attendance was a record 56,050), the finals would most likely stay at the stadium. Bob also ignored the paragraph where Patrick Early, vice-chairman of the Capital Improvements Board in charge of Lucas Oil Stadium, who stated that he would be willing to talk to the IHSAA about making it more affordable but had not seen a proposal yet. Funny, but those two paragraphs take some of the wind out of Bob's sails and he just conveniently ignores them.

Sadly, I've seen the comments on the article on the Indianapolis Newspaper Monopoly's website and while many people tend to feel the way we do about Bob, there were too many people that agreed with him for all the wrong reasons. Kravitz articles unfortunately are good at stimulating the conversation on the topic. Therefore, his editors and bosses think he is good.

I hesitate to go out and start an official website or petition, but more of us need to speak up and let it be known that we need a better sports opinion writer for this great town of ours.

I feel better now that I've ranted. I think I'll go to bed now.

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