Friday, September 26, 2008


Always remember to save when you update your work. And if you update your work, make sure the final version is correct! From the headlines on MSNBC at 1:30 am:

USC's run to the BCS championship game hits a major roadblock with a loss to unranked Oregon State, 27-14.

And from the Sports section further down the page:

USC's run to the BCS championship game just hit a major roadblock. The No. 1 ranked Trojans were stunned by unranked Oregon State, 27-14, on Thursday.
As we all know at this point, Oregon State defeated USC 27-21 last night! Did we update the headline and forget to update the score? The linked articles are reference the correct scores, but those are from the AP, not MSNBC.

If you want to screw up, at least do it in a BIG way. I'm sure this will be corrected by morning, so most of the world will not realize how stupid and lazy they are. I guess there are no editors at MSNBC overnights. Or they may be hiring some soon?

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