Thursday, September 4, 2008

The No-No That Wasn't...And Still Isn't

Was CC Sabathia robbed of a no-hitter in Monday's game versus the Pittsburgh Pirates? I'm sure people will be arguing this question for a while. I cannot fault Bob Webb for calling the play a hit and not an error. It was a judgement call and could have been called either way. He's been an official scorer for 20 years, so I think he knows what he is doing.

I understand that you might think that your teammate or player may have been robbed of a no-hitter and you want to help make his case for a no-hitter. However, I have to laugh at some of the quotes that came out after the game, particularly, a quote from Brewers manager Ned Yost:

"That's a joke. That wasn't even close. Whoever the scorekeeper was absolutely denied baseball a nice no-hitter right there."

First of all, the "hit" occurred in the fifth inning. It may have been the first hit of the game, but no one knew at the time that it would be the only hit of the game for the Pirates.

Secondly, after the "hit", Sabathia believed that he no longer had a no-hitter going and was able to pitch more relaxed than if the no-no was still in effect. When a pitcher gets into the late innings still holding on to the no-hitter, you know his sphincter has to be tight enough to turn a charcoal briquette into a diamond during the ninth inning. There is a mindset that you have to take into account here.

Lastly, the Pirates believed that the no-hitter was gone. Again when you get into those late innings, players will be pressing to break it up. Granted, they may try too hard and have a more adverse effect, but the game would have been much different even if the play had been scored an error.

A difference in the scoring during the MIDDLE of a game does not mean the outcome of the game would be the same!

MLB of course did not over turn the scorekeeper's ruling of a hit and Sabathia's no-no will forever be a never-was.

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I think I'm a little troubled by the "sphincter" tag...

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